Thursday, May 16, 2013


The Calicut University Library, established in 1971 and later renamed after C.H.Mohammed Koya, ( the former Minister for Education, Government of Kerala ), is primarily concerned with the conservation and dissemination of knowledge to its users. It plays an important role in the provision of information to the academic community in the Malabar region. It has a collection of about ninety five thousand books and subscribes to 218 Journals and 10 Newspapers. Library follows the Anglo American cataloguing Rules II (with slight modifications) for Cataloguing and Dewey Decimal Scheme of Classification for the classification of books . It has the distinction of being the first fully automated University Library in the state of Kerala. The library is situated at the main campus at Thenhippalam on the side of the NH17 and is 23 Kilometers away from the historic Calicut City . Apart from the University Library a Study Center Library is functioning in the Calicut city to serve the academic community in the Calicut city and around. 

Library provides the following Services 
  1. Book Lending Services 
  2. Reference Services 
  3. Internet Services 
  4. Information Services
  5. Reprography Services


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